Syam Nukavarapu
Syam Nukavarapu
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic Surgery
UConn School of Engineering
Elected to the Academy in 2023


Nagarjuna University (India), 1996, BSc, Math, Physics & Chemistry; University of Hyderabad (India), 1998, MSc, General Chemistry; Indian Institute of Science (India), 2003, PhD, Materials Science & Engineering

Professional Area

Areas of expertise include: (1) biological sciences, (2) biomedical science & engineering, (3) materials science & engineering, and (4) engineering education in academia; Research contributions in the field of engineered grafts and tissue engineering; Undergraduate and graduate teaching, education and mentoring


Seminal contributions to the development of engineered grafts and understanding biomaterial/ graft – cell interactions. In particular, the design and development of biodegradable grafts and novel regenerative strategies to promote large-area and vascularized tissue formation, and specialized strategies to approach tissue-tissue interface or complex tissue engineering.