One of the principal purposes of the Academy is to provide science and technology information and advice, usually by performing studies, on public policy issues upon request of a government agency, the General Assembly, or in some instances, private organizations. These studies result in formal Reports published by the Academy. This link will provide access to recent studies.

Other Academy Activities include the Science and Technology Policy Fellowship Program, awards to student winners of science competitions, and on behalf of the Office of the Governor, the selection and recognition of the recipient of the Connecticut Medal of Science and the Connecticut Medal of Technology.

News in Education

The Academy partnered with the Hartford Courant’s News in Education (NIE) program from 2005 to 2021, providing content for the Science Matters pages from CASE members, and other scientists, engineers, and physicians, as well as student scientists and engineers from middle school to the graduate level. The online articles were published monthly during the academic year for discussion among students in grades 5 to 12.