Pamela K. Diggle
Pamela K. Diggle
Professor & Department Head, Dpt. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UConn
Elected to the Academy in 2021


University of California, Santa Barbara, 1978, BA, Botany; University of California, Riverside, 1982, MS, Botany; University of California, Berkeley, 1988, PhD, Botany.

Professional Area

Evolutionary developmental biology –“evo-devo”; focus on how features of development shape the dynamics of evolutionary change of plants and how that mediates interaction with changing environment.


World leader in ‘evo-devo’ (evolutionary development) studies leading to fundamental understanding of ways development shapes dynamics of plant evolution at the level of gene expression, in cells and integrated across whole plants; creator of innovative international short course (10 yrs. NSF support) training next generation of grad/post-doc evo-devo biologists.