Nagendra Somanath
Nagendra Somanath
Principle Engineer, Advanced Technology and Preliminary Design, Advanced Concepts & Technology, Pratt & Whitney
Elected to the Academy in 2020


Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), 1985, B.Tech., Aeronautical Engineering; Virginia Polytechnic and State University, 1987, MS, Engineering Mechanics and 1993, PhD, Mechanics

Professional Area

Composite Mechanics, Computational Mechanics/ Methods, Multidisciplinary Optimization, Theory of Machines, Turbomachinery, Aerodynamics, Learning Systems (Deep / Machine Learning), Applied Mathematics, Structural Reliability, System Validation and Verification, Control System Design, Optimal Control.


In recognition of extraordinary contributions, to multidisciplinary design and optimization of complex integrated aerospace systems enabling successful application of computational methods, machine-learning, composite mechanics and multidisciplinary optimization to design/test and validate innovative products like medical imaging systems, turbomachinery, and ensure efficient reliable products like MRI Machines, Commercial Engines and Satellites.