Alexander Staroselsky
Alexander Staroselsky
Associate Director of Research, Raytheon Technologies Research Center
Elected to the Academy in 2021


Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, 1989, MS, Applied Mathematics and 1991, ScD; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998, PhD, Mechanical Engineering.

Professional Area

Internationally recognized expert in mechanics of materials with significant contribution to structures operating under extreme conditions. His multiscale turbine airfoils analysis with multiple interacting damage factors sets the limit for entire engine design and capabilities. The developed physics-based framework allows prediction of living of high temperature components with different morphology.


For outstanding technical contributions to the area of crystal plasticity, damage processes, and prediction of complex thermal mechanical fatigue and creep mechanisms that include development of advanced models and their experimental validation resulting in physics-based basis for engineering analysis and design practice establishing competitive edge for US in aerospace industry.