Vishwa D. Dixit
Vishwa D. Dixit
Waldemar Von Zedtwitz Professor of Comparative Medicine and Immunology
Yale School of Medicine
Elected to the Academy in 2022


Haryana Agricultural University (India), 1994, BS, Veterinary Sciences; 1996, MVSc, Veterinary Sciences; University of Hannover, Friedrich Loeffller Institute (Germany), 2000, PhD, Department of Functional Genomics and Bioregulation

Professional Area

Aging, immunometabolism, chronic diseases, and inflammation; a leader in the expanding field of immunometabolism; contributions pertaining to how immune cells regulate metabolic fuels and how inflammatory mechanisms can affect these processes. In addition to understanding the association between aging and chronic metabolic and immunologic diseases, these discoveries have identified the mechanisms of protection from pathogens and chronic diseases such as diabetes.


For important contributions toward understanding immunometabolism and mechanisms of age-related inflammation and chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes. His work identified immunometabolic targets that affect healthpan and defined the mechanism of thymic involution and the role of an innate immune sensor, NLRP3, in aging and immunosenescence.