Mu-Ping Nieh
Mu-Ping Nieh
Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
UConn School of Engineering and Institute of Materials Science
Elected to the Academy in 2022


National Taiwan University (Taipei), 1989, BSc, Chemical Engineering; University of Massachusetts, 1998, PhD, Chemical Engineering/Polymer Science & Engineering

Professional Area

Research focuses on resolving structures over full-length scales (from micron to Angstrom) via (light, X-ray and neutron) scattering and establishing fundamental understanding of material structure-function relationships, which include morphological dependence of cellular uptake (biomedical property) and enhanced photoluminescence of nanocomplexes due to confinement effect (optical property).


For his contribution to understanding and controlling the well-defined nanoscale self-assemblies at the molecular level based on their physical and chemical properties, advancing the knowledge of rational design of nanomaterials for targeted delivery of therapeutics and/or imaging contrast agents.