Ellen Sun
Ellen Sun
Senior Director of Strategic Technologies and Partnerships
Raytheon Technologies Research Center
Elected to the Academy in 2023


Zhejiang University (China), 1989, BS, Physics; Brown University, 1991, MS, Physics; 1995, PhD, Materials Science and Engineering; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2007, Executive MBA

Professional Area

Advance materials for aerospace applications, especially high temperature materials such as ceramic matrix composites, monoliths ceramics, environment barrier coatings, thermal barrier coatings, and polymer matrix composites; compact and durable solid oxide fuel cell system and stack technologies; Pressure vessel design, optimization, and manufacturing. Ensuring Technology maturation and transfer. Responsible for innovative projects portfolio in the areas of integrated systems, advanced materials and manufacturing, autonomy enabling technologies, electrification and sustainability.


For outstanding technical contributions to the fundamental understanding of interface microstructures and chemistry and its impact on advanced composite materials and coatings; pioneering in the development of compact solid oxide fuel cell power systems for mobile applications, and design and manufacturing of conformable pressure vessels for sustainable fuels.