Daniel A. Colón-Ramos
Daniel A. Colón-Ramos
Doris McConnell Duberg Professor of Neuroscience and Professor of Cell Biology, Yale School of Medicine; Inaugural Director, Wu Tsai Institute’s Center for Neurodevelopment and Plasticity, Yale University
Elected to the Academy in 2021


Harvard, 1998, BA, Biology; Duke University School of Medicine, 2003, PhD, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Professional Area

The Colón-Ramos laboratory focuses on understanding the cell biology of the neuronal synapse, and the two fields associated with the laboratory’s research are Cell Biology and Neuroscience. We collaborate towards the development of new imaging technologies. Also participated in science capacity-building efforts, in Puerto Rico, and in the US.


For fundamental discoveries regarding the cell biology of the synapse, including the role for glia in positioning synapses in vivo and the dynamic relocalization of glycolytic proteins within synapses during energy stress; also elucidated mechanisms regulating synaptic autophagy in physiology and disease.