Carolyn Teschke
Carolyn Teschke
Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Chemistry
Elected to the Academy in 2021


University of Wisconsin, 1983, BS, Chemistry; Washington State University, 1990, PhD, Biochemistry

Professional Area

Mechanism of dsDNA viral capsid assembly using bacteriophage P22 as a model system; Understanding the evolution of capsid protein structure; Protein folding in vivo and in vitro. Interaction of folding intermediates with molecular chaperones; The role of the two SecA homologs in protein export in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


For seminal contributions to understanding how viruses assemble precisely into the proper size and shape. Important findings include demonstration that capsid assembly is thermodynamically driven and based on weak electrostatic interactions. Overall structure has a very high stability, and assembly is a potentially viable drug target.