Barbara I. Kazmierczak
Barbara I. Kazmierczak
Gustavus and Louise Pfeiffer Research Foundation M.D.-Ph.D. Program Director and Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and of Microbial Pathogenesis
Yale School of Medicine
Elected to the Academy in 2022


University of Chicago, 1986, BA, Biological Sciences and 1986, MS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology;  Rockefeller University, 1993, PhD, Genetics; Weill Cornell University Medical College, 1994, MD, Medicine

Professional Area

The regulation and function of bacterial cell wall-spanning nanomachines, including Type 3 secretion systems, flagella, and pili; cell wall homeostatic mechanisms that underlie bacterial antibiotic resistance; innate immune recognition of bacterial signatures associated with virulence; human clinical infectious diseases; physician-scientist training.


For seminal contributions to our understanding of how virulence-associated bacterial Type 3 Secretion Systems are recognized by the NLRC4 inflammasome, as well as the first characterization of a human syndrome associated with a gain-of-function NLRC4 mutation.