Andreas K. Roelofs
Andreas K. Roelofs
Vice President of Research, UTC and Director, UTRC
Elected to the Academy in 2020


University Duisburg GH (Germany), 1995, Vordiplom (equivalent to a Bachelors), Physics; University Cologne (Germany), 1998, Diplom (sehr gut) (equivalent to a Masters), Physics; RWTH Aachen, InstitutfürWerkstoffe der Elektrotechnik (Germany), 2003, Dr. rer. nat. (PhD), Physics

Professional Area

Internationally recognized expert in the areas of nanotechnology, piezoelectric-/ferroelectric-materials, thin films and scanning probe microscopy. He was the first to measure the in-plane component of the 3-dimensional ferroelectric polarization in thin films leading to new fundamental understanding of switching mechanisms in these materials.


For significant impact to ferroelectrics-materials and scanning probe microscopy yielding “Ferroelectric Probe Storage”; invented “Charge Gradient Microscopy” contributing significantly to the development of Piezoresponse Force Microscopy; invented a double-beam-laser interferometer methodology to measure the piezoelectric coefficient of thin films at the wafer level, transforming the printer industry via piezo-MEMS printer-heads.