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CASE Technical Boards

In 1995, the Academy established ten Technical Boards (TBs), organized by public policy areas with technical content, into which the membership is divided. Patterned after those of the National Research Council, these TBs are designed to allow members and invited colleagues to focus on technical issues of concern to state government and to others interested in public policy. The ten TBs and their charters are listed below.

Agriculture, Food and Nutrition

    The production, distribution, safety, and nutrition of food, including development of biotechnology to improve the quality of food and the environment.
    Chair: Joseph Pignatello, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Biomedical Research and Health Care

    The delivery, quality and cost of medical care and related problems, including preventive health care and the development of biotechnology for improving human health.
    Chair: Andrew Arnold, UConn Health Center

Communication and Information Systems

    All means of communicating voice, data, and other combinations of business and personal information, including the development of new hardware and software technologies, with special attention to complementarity and interchangability with transportation systems.
    Chair: David Krohn, Light Wave Venture, LLC

Economic Development

    Economic opportunities afforded by Connecticut's technological base and its human and natural resources, with a special role in assessing the potential economic impact of new technologies.
    Chair: Martin Seifert, Greentec Design, LLC

Energy Production, Use and Conservation

    The production, use, conservation and distribution of energy with special attention to meeting future demand and environmental quality standards.
    Chair: Lee S. Langston, UConn


    The physics, chemistry, geology, biology, ecology and engineering of the environment as these relate to issues of economic development, energy use, transportation, public health and the quality and utilization of Connecticut's atmosphere, land, water and sea natural resources.
    Chair: Ralph Lewis, UConn; State Geologist (ret.)

Human Resources and Education

    The effective utilization of people in ways that will contribute to human development and economic growth, including applications of technology to improve both basic and advanced skills to make people more employable, and with attention to the impact of urban growth and development.
    Chair: Kathleen F. Maurer, Connecticut Department of Corrections

Public Health

    The impacts on the public health of communicable diseases and of material and energy of man-made and natural origin in the environment.
    Chair: Theodore Holford, Yale School of Medicine


    The development and utilization of knowledge for the purpose of providing material goods and services, including the utilization of research results to design and manufacture materials and products, with particular attention to developing effective means for transferring technology from the academic to the industrial community and within the industrial community, and for the improvement of manufacturing technology.
    Chair: Francis R. Preli, Pratt & Whitney

Transportation Systems

    The movement of people and material within and across Connecticut, including vehicles and infrastructure, with special attention to complementarity and interchangability with communication systems.
    Chair: Kenneth Rosen, Aero-Science Technology Associates, LLC

Each TB is responsible for oversight of technical matters in its subject area and forms the resource for studies requested of the Academy on these matters. They also serve as a source of subjects for potential Academy-state cooperation, with emphasis given to opportunities and needs for innovation and technological development.

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