H. Joseph Gerber Medal of Excellence

An Award of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering in Partnership with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology

H. Joseph Gerber Medal of Excellence

This award is in recognition of H. Joseph Gerber’s (1924-1996) technical leadership in inventing, developing and commercializing manufacturing automation systems for a wide variety of industries worldwide. An elected member of the National Academy of Engineering and the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, Mr. Gerber received the National Medal of Technology in 1994 followed by the Connecticut Medal of Technology in 1995.

Joe Gerber’s contributions to the technological capabilities of manufacturing were the result of a life grounded in genius, and shaped by vision and determination. As an inventor and as founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and President of Gerber Scientific, Inc., Mr. Gerber was a leader for nearly half a century in inventing and producing factory automation equipment designed to solve global manufacturing problems. Mr. Gerber shaped his companies and the industries they served with a vision—of increasing human potential through technology; of eliminating tedious, time-consuming manual tasks through automation that increases productivity; and of creating technology that directly and immediately revolutionized manufacturing for companies both large and small. Today, Joe Gerber’s genius continues to dominate in the manufacture of apparel and flexible materials, signs and commercial graphics, and lenses for eyeglasses.

Mr. Gerber made the following comments upon his receipt of the National Medal of Technology in 1994: “This award is more than a symbol of personal achievement as it is the highlight of a long and productive career for me. It is an affirmation that manufacturing automation has enhanced every aspect of human life and profoundly impacted the standard of living of every person and nation in the world. I am only one of the many who have contributed to our nation’s rich technological heritage and one of the fortunate few to be recognized for his achievements.”

The 2016 H. Joseph Gerber Medal of Excellence is awarded to the top winners of the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair (CSEF). They are the winners of the Life Sciences and Physical Sciences Senior Divisions and the High School Winner of the Urban School Challenge. Each of the winners receives a solid silver medal, a $1,000 honorarium, a Letter of Commendation and Certificates of Recognition. Each high school is also recognized with a Letter of Commendation and a $500 donation to its science department to further science and mathematics education from the Academy. The 2016 Gerber Medal winners are as follows:

Aakshi Agarwal, Hamden High School, Hamden, CT
2016 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair – 1st Place, Life Sciences-Senior Division
Project: CRISPR Based Gene Editing Confers Resistance to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Christopher Popham, Greenwich High School, Greenwich, CT
2016 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair – 1st Place, Physical Sciences-Senior Division
Project: Increased Charge Rate and Capacity for Olivine Lithium-Ion Batteries Using
Efficient, Upcycled Nanoscale Electrodes

Maya Geradi, Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven, CT
2015 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair – Urban School Challenge High School Winner
Project: Exploring Conditions for Struvite Precipitation and Crystal Growth


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