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The Bulletin is a quarterly publication that promotes exchange of technical and research information among the various technical communities in Connecticut. The Bulletin is sent to Academy members, other academic and industrial scientists, state legislators, commissioners of executive departments, libraries (both public and corporate), secondary school science department chairman, Patrons of the Academy, city and town officials, and many others. There is no charge for subscribing to the Bulletin; to sign up use the Subscription Form.
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In the Current Issue (32,2 - Summer 2017)

  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Dyslexia; Finding the Keys to Successful Intervention
  • Yale’s Schoelkopf Honored with 2017 Connecticut Medal of Science
  • News from the National Academies
    • Strengthening America's Skilled Technical Workforce
    • Foundational Cybersecurity Research Strategies
    • Global Health and the Future Role of the US
    • Report Urges Protection of Research Integrity
    • Undergraduate Research Experiences in STEM

In Volume 32,1 - Spring 2017

  • Posing ‘Grand Challenges’: IBM Watson Health is transforming global healthcare
  • Meet IBM’s Kathleen McGroddy-Goetz
  • The Connecticut River Museum: Discover New England’s Great River
  • News from the National Academies
    • Human Gene Editing: Science, Ethics, & Governance
    • New Report Examines Role of Engineering Technology
    • Federal Statistics: Combining Data Sources While Protecting Privacy
    • Undergraduate Research Access for STEM Students
    • New Report Details Accomplishments of US Global Change Research Program
    • Calculating the Social Cost of Carbon Dioxide

In Volume 31,4 (Winter 2016)

  • Making the Pitch: The Program in Therapeutics for Connecticut's Health
  • DEEP’S Quinebaug Valley Trout Hatchery
  • News from the National Academies
    • Report Offers Lessons in Sustainability for US Cities
    • Vital Directions for Health and Health Care
    • Engineering the Science of Learning
    • Understanding the Cumulative Impacts of Human Activities on Marine Mammals
    • Grand Challenges in Health and Medicine
  • CT Scientists Elected to National Academies in 2016

In Volume 31,3 (Fall 2016)

  • Cybersecurity: Implications and Prevention: What Can We Learn from the NIST Framework?

  • News from the National Academies:
    • ‘Gene-Drive’ Organisms Not Ready for Release
    • Lessons from the Corrosion Crisis in Flint: A More Proactive Approach to Technology Stewardship
    • Report Urges Congress To Create Commission to Review Protection of Human Participants in Research
    • Support for Science May Not Always Translate into Support for Specific Issues
    • ‘Time has Come’ for Direct User Charging for Roads
  • SoundWaters’ Science Stars: All Girls, All Science, All Week

In Volume 31,2 (Summer 2016)

  • Rising to the Urban School Challenge: Helping Young Scientists Begin to Win
  • News from the National Academies:
    • Concussions: ‘An Urgent Need’ for More Precise Information
    • Role of Fatigue in Crash Risk for Bus, Truck Drivers
    • Raising Awareness of Ethics in Engineering
    • Estimating the Role of Climate Change in Extreme Weather Events Using ‘Extreme Event Attribution’
    • Forging the Research Foundations for the Next-Generation Electric Grid
  • UConn’s Laurencin Awarded Connecticut Medal of Technology

In Volume 31,1 (Spring 2016)

  • In the White House Office of Science and Technology: Crafting National Science Policy, Advising a President
  • About Jo Handelsman
  • News from the National Academies:
    • Study Examines Barriers in STEM 'Educational Pathways'
    • Report Urges New Approach to Affordable Flood Insurance
    • Assessing Hurricane Risk in a Changing Climate
    • Examining Interregional Travel Policies
  • CASE Members Laurencin, Rothberg to Receive National Medal of Technology and Innovation
  • Connecticut State Museum of Natural History at UConn

In Volume 30,4 (Winter 2015)

  • CTDOT Relies on State-of-the-Art Tools to Keep Traffic Moving in Winter Weather
  • New England Air Museum Conitnues to Soar
  • News from the National Academies:
    • The Employability Divide: Transforming US Education to Create Lifelong Learners
    • Optimizing US Investment in Academic Research
    • Water-Energy Nexus Critical to Economic Security
    • Getting it Right: Improving Diagnosis in Health Care
  • CT Scientists Elected to National Academies in 2015
  • In Briefs: Science and Technology News from Around the State

In Volume 30,3 (Fall 2015)

  • Preparing for Pandemics: Ebola Tests State's Policies and Protocols
  • Submarine Force Museum Preserves, Interprets Submarine History
  • News from the National Academies:
    • Flood Insurance: Linking Rates to Risk
    • Assessing Impacts on Resources and Climate of Projected Economic and Population Growth Patterns
    • New Report Recommends Strategies to Improve Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates
    • The Promise of Solar Energy: New Developments Offer New Challenges and Opportunities
    • Connecticut Student Among 2015 EngineerGirl "Engineering in Sports" Essay Contest Winners
  • In Briefs: Science and Technology News from Around the State

In Volume 30,2 (Summer 2015)

  • Connecticut's Evolving Innovation Ecosystem
  • Yale's Joan Steitz Awarded 2015 Connecticut Medal of Science
  • News from the National Academies:
    • New Report Urges US to Strengthen Innovation, Productivity, Workforce Training
    • FAA Should 'Reset Expectations' Says Report
    • Battery Technologies for Automotive Applications
    • 'Cognitive Aging' Poses Major Health Issue for Older Americans, IOM Report Finds
    • Personalized Medical Robots: The Next Generation
    • IOM Report Recommends 'Vital Signs' to Score Progress on US Health Care
  • In Briefs: Science and Technology News from Around the State

In Volume 30,1 (Spring 2015)

  • The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine: Changing the Landscape of Bioscience in Connecticut
  • Keynote Address at CASE Annual Meeting and Dinner - May 19: A Conversation: Edison Liu, President and CEO, The Jackson Laboratory, Talks with Dan Haar, Columnist, The Hartford Courant
  • News from the National Academies:
    • Analyzing Cancer Risks Near US Nuclear Facilities
    • Big Data: History, Status, Challenges
    • Overview of Big Data from US Perspective
    • IOM SMART Vaccines Software Tool Updated to Help Prioritize Vaccine Development
  • Newly Elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Coming to a School Near You: Audubon CT’s Schoolyard Habitat Program
  • In Briefs: Science and Technology News from Around the State

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